Going Through Life With Our Heads Down. Are We Attached, Too Much To Tech?

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    Is this you, you sign off of social media for the night on your computer, telling all of your family and friends that you are going to bed only to get into bed and immediately get on your smartphone?  Then first thing in the morning, you roll over, barely awake, rubbing your eyes, yawning and scratching, fumbling trying to grab your smartphone so that you can check your e-mail or see what has happened on Facebook while you were sleep?  After getting dressed, you head to the kitchen to get something to eat with phone in hand and your tablet on the table?  I must admit, I am guilty of it all.  If feel this burning need to stay connected to work, family, friends and news no matter where I am or what time of the day.  This poses a question of what did we do before smartphones, laptops and tablets?  

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     As I pondered this question, I arrived at these answers.  We actually got a good nights sleep, where we woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day.  We actually sat at the dinning room table with our families and ate breakfast and communicated with one another face-to-face with our mouths.   We called our children to the dinner table by yelling down the hall or up the stairs rather than sending them a text.  We walked down the street with our heads up, taking in the diversity and beauty of our amazing World, instead of walking with our heads down staring at our mobile devices.  We were better drivers, well maybe not all of us but I believe we had less in-car distractions.  While shopping at a store and someone said, “Hey how are you doing today”  they were actually talking to you and not to someone through their bluetooth.   I know it’s funny to compare then and now but really, have we gone to far?  

    I am all for technology, it truly makes life a lot easier.  I can get things done a lot faster so that I can spend more time with family and friends and it’s weird to say this but I can’t imagine my life now without all of my tech toys.  I love being able to check in with my husband and  kids, whenever I feel the need too or keep in touch with my best friend who lives 3000 miles away and being a Social Media Consultant, it’s great to be able to stay connected with my clients no matter where I am but sometime it seems like technology controls our everyday lives, I say we all need to get that control back and to do that, we must start taking tech breaks, sounds funny but it’s true.  Schedule a day off of social media, decide to eat at the table with the rule no devices allowed.  When going to bed, turn your phone off or put it out of sight so that you are not tempted to jump on it when you hit the sack.  We can do this, we’ve done it before and we are still here.  

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Valarie Harris.